No Bake Creme Caramel (Japanese Purin)


I can eat like 10 of these. In one sitting. It reminds you of the creme caramel your mom used to make for you as a child but without all the hassle of having to cook/bake it at the end!  

No Bake Creme Caramel (Japanese Purin)

Adapted from Just One Cookbook

Yield: 6 ramekins  



140g sugar

30g water

2 Tbsp boiling water



60g water

10g powdered gelatin  

4 egg yolks

80g sugar

200g milk (for steeping and heating)

270g milk (for after cooking)

1/2 vanilla bean or 2 tsp vanilla  

100g whipping cream 



1) Prepare a wet towel at the side. Pour sugar into pot. Slowly pour the water in and don’t stir. Heat over medium heat until sugar starts to melt. Cook until it caramelised. If it caramelises at the sides first, slowly swirl the pan to even the colour out. Cook till the sugar syrup is amber in colour. 

2) While waiting for the sugar to caramelise, place ramekins in a heat proof container. Add boiling water halfway up the container, just to warm up the ramekins. This will make it easier to spread the caramel later on. 

3) Once caramel is amber in colour, immediately take off the heat and rest the pot on the wet towel. Gently add in 2 tbsp boiling water. It will bubble and spit hot sugar water furiously so please be careful. Stir together after it’s has stopped bubbling.

4) Spoon/ pour the caramel into the ramekins, as equally as possible. Remove ramekins from hot water and set aside to cool and caramel to harden. 

5) Pour 60g of water into a bowl and sprinkle the gelatin over the water. Let stand for 1 minute or so then place in microwave for 30-40seconds. Set aside.

6) Heat up 200g milk in a pot over low heat and add in scraped vanilla bean. You can also use vanilla essence.

7) Whisk egg yolks and sugar in a separate bowl till pale. 

8) Slowly pour in heated vanilla milk, bit by bit, into yolks, while whisking. This is to temper the egg yolks. Pour mixture back into pot and cook over medium low heat, whisking constantly, until mixture is slightly thickened up (about 71 degrees). Take the pan off the heat. Add gelatin and mix well. Strain with a fine strainer into a bowl.

9) Whisk in remaining milk and cream to mixture.

10) Pour evenly into the ramekins and place in the fridge. Overnight is best so the caramel has time to melt fully but I’ve done them at 3pm to serve for dinner at 8pm and it’s still okay!

11) To serve, run a small sharp knife on the edges and overturn onto a small plate! If it doesn’t come out, shake just a little tiny bit to help it along.. Enjoy!